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One of the biggest problems for any garage is where to put everything. Nothing has its own home and so everything just gets put anywhere. When this happens it’s hard to know where anything is and then your belongings go unused. This garage in Lancaster had no room for a car and everything was a jumbled mess. Monkey Bars garage shelves in Lancaster gave new life to an underutilized space.

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The great thing about this garage shelves in Lancaster is that it maximizes space. Instead of everything sitting on the floor in a heap there is almost unlimited space created on the walls. One of most important things about organizing your garage is getting everything off the floor. It frees up space for important things, like say your car! Going from absolutely no shelving to a complete system totally transformed this garage. The shelving created space that even the home owner didn’t know they had. In addition to creating more space by getting everything off the ground your garage is able to stay so much cleaner. Without boxes cluttering up space and collecting dust your garage can be a cleaner more inviting space.

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So now that you have all that great extra space to put your things next you have to make sure that there is a home for each and every of your belongings. The great thing about Monkey Bars is that it is designed for giving a home to everything. The shelving up top is great for long term storage. As you can see with this garage shelves in Lancaster plastic bins for long term storage sit perfectly on top of the shelves. Everything else is stored by layering. More frequently used items are hanged towards the front, less frequently used items hang behind.

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Garage Shelving can help transform any garage and get it in order. It all starts by creating space and then finding a home for all of your belongings.

by on April 5, 2014

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