Epoxy Flooring Lancaster: Transformation

Before & After

Who doesn’t love a good transformation? We have the very best example of that epoxy flooring Lancaster residents have been talking about. We recently did a job in Lancaster that resulted in some incredible before and afters. A picture can speak a thousand words, and the photos below surely did that.


Let me guess, you’ve got those heinous oil stains mucking up your garage floor, and no matter what solution you try to clean it with, it just won’t lift. You might even have enormous cracks in your garage floor that collect dust, bugs, and who else knows what. Lets just face it, cement really isn’t the best thing for your garage. Sure, most are made out of the stuff, but if you want it to look great and last longer, then epoxy flooring in Lancaster is the way to go.

Epoxy Flooring Lancaster AfterEpoxy Flooring Lancaster After

The Details

If you’re even slightly considering that epoxy flooring Lancaster can offer, let it be known that you will not regret the decision. We make sure to do a 3 coat process including the base, the chips, and the sealing top coat. You don’t need to worry about it wearing down because this stuff is insanely durable. It’s known to have industrial strength and withstand the most brutal of garage conditions.

Let’s talk about prep. One of the most important steps for our garage flooring Lancaster folks rave about is the preparation. We use a diamond grinder to level out the floor and allow for abrasion. This way, the epoxy sealant will have a better surface to attach to, making it extremely durable. It’s not going to peel away because of this preparation process.

Epoxy flooring in Lancaster is one of the best ways to instantly transform a garage. The look of it is clean and seamless, but the functionality of it is just as great.

by on April 18, 2014

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