Garage Organization Lancaster: Don’t Let Lack of Space Get You Down

When it comes to garage organization in Lancaster, you may not know where to start, especially if it seems like you’ve got more stuff than square footage. This is where Susquehanna Garage Solutions comes in. The Monkey Bars system we use can help you come up with a spot for every shovel, rake, bike, or any other miscellaneous item you might trip over when you walk into your garage.

The Problem

Recently, Jay Witmer completed a garage organization project in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. From shovels, sports equipment, bicycles, and other random things, like water bottles and soda, the family needed a way to get these items up off the floor and out of their way.

The Plan of Attack

Durable shelving, which is capable of holding up to 1,000 pounds for every four-foot section, was installed throughout the interior walls of the garage. This allowed the family to effectively store everything they were keeping in this space, with room to spare. Thanks to the adjustable and customizable qualities of the shelving, their bike helmets were hung for easy access and even their camping chairs were stored where they can be found in case an impromptu camping excursion ever came up. Additionally, classic white cabinets were installed to give the family plenty of storage room without making their garage look cluttered or unorganized.

Garage Organizations Lancaster

The End Result

The end result of these pictures doesn’t need an explanation. As you can see, what once used to be an ordinary garage turned into a garage organization wonder in Lancaster with the help of Jay Witmer and Monkey Bar Storage’s shelving products.

Garage Shelving Lancaster

Let Us Transform Your Garage

If you’re tired of garden supplies, tools, bikes, and whatever else you keep in the garage getting in your way whenever you try to park your car, don’t let this lack of space get you down. Instead, let Jay Witmer work his magic on your garage so that you can enjoy the benefits of having a fully-organized space.

by on July 1, 2014

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