Garage Storage Carlisle: Total Transformation

Everyone has a dream home. Even if you don’t fantasize daily about paint chips and upholstery options you still have a vision of what your ideal home would look like. Is it ultra-modern or dripping with decadence? Do you dream of airy, fresh rooms or cozy, close spaces? Does that vision extend to your garage?

I might be going out on a limb here but for a lot of people the garage is a dark forbidden cave junk. Of course that doesn’t have to be the case, quite the contrary. You can extend the look and feel you want in your home to your garage. We installed some great garage storage in Carlisle that transformed this homeowner’s garage-o-shame into a total dream garage!

Dynamic Duo

We installed garage storage in Carlisle that would not only look great but do the job as well. That’s where the dynamic duo comes in: Shelving and Cabinets.

Shelving is the heavy lifter. A great do it all option that let you visually locate any of your belongings. Monkey Bar garage shelving is great for storing a variety of items plus we love the way it looks. It leaves the garage feeling open. Even though your belongings are stored where everyone can see it doesn’t leave you feeling crowded or overwhelmed.

Cabinets on the other hand store your items out of sight. They trade off taking up a bit more room for adding to the appeal of your garage. When we installed this garage storage in Carlisle we included mostly Monkey Bars but also some cabinets. The light grey color of the cabinets added to the open look and feel that they had already achieved with the shelving. For a different look try more cabinets or just try a different color. A color like red or maple will warm up the look of your garage while black will create a totally modern appeal.

Check out the before and after pictures below to see how far this Carlisle garage has really come!Garage Storage Carlisle

Garage Shelves CarlisleGarage Cabinets Carlisle

Garage Shelving Carlisle



by on March 20, 2014

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