by on May 30, 2012

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Amazing Service

From estimate to completed job, fay was fantastic! Professional, polite,reliable, courteous – everything you could ask for in a contractor. He arrived when promised to review our job, explained all our options, showed us plenty of samples. This guy knows what he’s doing… he walked through our garage, looked around at all our tools and supplies, large and small, and told us how much cabinet storage and hanging storage we need. He was dead-on right!

We had to book out six months in advance because we scheduled electrical with painting and installed baseboards ahead of ]ay’s installation. We also resurfaced the floor and had to re-pour the concrete aprons. Jay is very organized and manages his time very well. He arranged for a storage pod (from another contractor) for our garage contents ahead of time, and it was picked up after the job was done so we could put everything back in our new garage. Six months in advance, and he stayed right on schedule!

Jay is very particular about the job he does and his finished work. Turns out the baseboard we installed wasn’t accounted for when he initially measured, so he trimmed it to fit. We noticed one of the cabinet handles wasn’t precisely level with it’s opposite door handle and figured it wasn’t a big deal and not fixable (holes were already drilled). Well, he noticed and insisted he could fix it. To our surprise, it’s perfect, and we can’t tell it was moved at all. Also, one of the cabinets was slightly damaged, and we may not have ever noticed. Jay brought it to our attention and made sure the manufacturer made us a new one! He came back when it shipped a few weeks later and installed it.

After living with and using our’new’garage for several months, we are completely happy with the way the tools are stored on Monkey Bars. Tools are easily accessible, and easy to put back where they belong after use! The cabinets have soft-close doors and provide so much storage space – the garage always looks neat and tidy.

We highly recommend Susquehanna Garage Solutions! Well worth the expense! We contacted three other garage makeover contractors, and no one compares. The quality of the products is outstanding, and they are very nice-looking too!

-Sally and Tim Danko, Lancaster


Amazing Installation Experience


We love our garage service and organization! Everything is accessible and easily found.

-Terri and Frank Cathers, Lancaster


New Floor

We are completely satisfied with the new garage floor. It looks great! The professionalism shown to us was outstanding.

Fred & Mary - Lancaster

Jay Was Excellent

Great. Jay was excellent. Makes sure everything is right. We are showing the garage to everyone!

Mike & Rhonda N. - York


Great, the garage is nicer than I expected!

Lynn S. - Harrisburg

Flooring Is Beautiful

Great – we love it. Jay was very accomodating. We have a lot of shelving and the flooring is beautiful.

Randall & Sue T. -